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That’s why when you claim your FREE Evatac Assault Bag today you also get 14 days of totally free access to VIP Survival Academy! On top of that, we’ve teamed up with Ape Survival to give you 50% off their entire product range for life plus access to other great survival and defense items for free as a gear product tester! – “The content is insane and I wan’t you to be part of our growing team! With American Gunner Evatac Assault Bag, the American Gunner team have successfully created an assault bag that fits all of these criteria for us. Instead of shoulder straps breaking and zippers flying after just a few uses, American Gunner Evatac Assault Bag has been able to stay strong even after more than 1 year of use.

In this article, I will be reviewing EVATAC Combat bag. Lastly, some people don’t pay attention to the details or read through things and then are unpleasantly surprised. Most of the other reviews I found online take you to a page with a $9.95 / month membership enrollment when ordering. Maybe some people forget to uncheck the box and are angry about the extra charge and then proceed to call it a scam. You can order your Evatac assault bag from the American gunner’s website, as we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee for any reason. Order your gears peacefully because you can return them if you are not comfortable with your order.

evatac free backpack review

I tightened this strap down pretty hard, but the strap seemed to loosen itself easily. If there is one thing that I cannot stand on gear, then it would be small zippers. They are difficult to handle, break easily, and tend to jam up. I really like that the zippers used on this Combat Bag are large which makes them even easier to use when wearing gloves. These “EZ Slide” zippers are also incredibly smooth to operate.

So even if you don’t intend to take your bag on a 5 day hike into the mountains, the Combat Bag is still a great option if you just like the look, feel, and functionality of a tactical backpack. There are many American made tactical backpacks available. Just be prepared to spend double or even triple what you’ll pay for the Combat Bag. The Combat Bag is very durable and similar to tactical backpacks that are typically much more expensive. This backpack is very well-constructed good material very good zippers they’re heavy, and well-constructed.

She shares that experience with you by reviewing those same products and hopes you find the same value. These heavy-duty zippers will help you save from those stuck and fabric tearing that usually happens due to the quick opening and closing of the zips. When you think, ‘ok, that’s the last one and boom! It offers separate pockets for your essential documents and gadgets.

Imagine for a second you are lost in the woods, or there is a natural disaster or even worse, a terrorist attack; my question is, what would you do? Would you freeze on the spot wondering what to do? From the get-go this Evatac Hybrid Duffle Bag was designed to be rugged, versatile, lightweight and have a high level of mobility.