How To Identify Authentic Louis Vuitton Bags

Read here about why Louis Vuitton HK is so revered in the fashion industry and find out if their products are worth every penny. The best way to know that you’re getting an authentic Louis Vuitton is to educate yourself and know what you’re looking for. However, it is imperative to also remember that as the years go by there will be slight differences in the materials and craftsmanship of the items. Comparing your Louis to others will also help you determine if its real or fake. Although we only mentioned a few ways to tick off the authenticity checklist, there are still many other factors to consider and will vary from bag to bag. The letters in a date code are referred to as ‘factory codes.’ These codes are meant to correspond with the ‘made in’ stamps on a separate leather piece.

There are many factors to indicate whether or not a Louis Vuitton item is authentic. Sometimes spotting a fake bag is easy, when the seller does not even claim the bag to be real, such as in the market stalls, hanging on the ropes in bazaars or laying on the carpets of street vendors. Using common sense, it is understandable that luxury items can’t be sold in such environments.

Bag connoisseurs know that the next thing to check for is hardware. Louis Vuitton uses top-grade brass hardware that usually comes in shiny or matte. A reference guide of past and present Louis Vuitton handbag names.

With their massive popularity,Louis Vuitton bags have strong resale markets, which makes authenticity a huge topic. Over the years, we’ve received thousands of questions about authentication from our customers, so we designed this guide to answer the ones we hear the most. Louis Vuitton has used a variety of fonts throughout the years for date codes to identify the location/manufacture date and to trick counterfeiters.

Look for real or fake, but reading this article made me see how important it is to look for so many other factors, truly eye opening.” Our trained team of editors and researchers validate articles for accuracy and comprehensiveness. WikiHow’s Content Management Team carefully monitors the work from our editorial staff to ensure that each article is backed by trusted research and meets our high quality standards. Search the Internet for photos of fakes versus photos of the real thing. Get an idea of what a fake looks like in comparison to a real Louis Vuitton purse.

Where you obtain your bag is also an indicator as to whether or not it is a fake. If you are able to shop in person then Louis Vuitton bags can be purchased at Louis Vuitton stores and boutiques. For those who prefer to shop online, check out the official website for a selection of bags in the latest styles. You would need to check the other features of the bag, such as quality of stitching, matching up of patterns, etc. as outlined in the article above. However, from the date code alone, it suggests the bag had a production date of the 18th week of 2015 and was made in France. The glazing on the edges of authentic Louis Vuitton handles is always carefully and evenly applied.

With the rise of online shopping and pre-owned marketplaces, one needs to be very wary of not falling prey to someone selling them a fake Louis Vuitton handbag. At Luxity, we authenticate hundreds of Louis Vuitton handbags every month, so we thought we’d share a few tips on how you can protect yourself from a scammer. Of course, a classic Louis Vuitton bag is a foolproof option.