How To Spot Fake Vs Real Gucci Marmont Bag

The Lady Bag is a classic handbag style which never goes out of style; it just enjoys IT status every few years, without ever falling out of favor. The nude color is super pretty in the sunlight or any type of natural outdoor lighting. I typically do not like gold hardware and prefer silver, but this gold is very subtle which I really like. For those who celebrate Easter, hope you enjoyed time with your family. A few of you have been asking me to review my Gucci bag.

It’s hard to take an accurate picture of the color btw, so the shade of the bag looks weird in the image above. This versatility added with the durability of the calfskin leather it’s constructed of makes this bag a great option to have in your collection. Again though, I just recommend going the pre loved route for this one. The luxury brand Gucci began when Guccio Gucci opened a humble leather shop in Florence during 1920s. In the beginning, he constructed saddles and other equestrian accessories using the finest leathers.

To keep my look even more low-key, I flipped the bag to hide the gold GG hardware. I am, of course, worried about scratching the smooth leather but the quilting makes any scratch less noticeable. This is my first Gucci bag and I’m unsure how the leather will hold up. I’ve seen flaking on black Marmont bags, especially the corners . I’m okay with the creasing but the flaking, I’m worried about that. When the leather flakes, the exposed parts are a dull gray so the damages were pretty obvious.

Alternatively, I can just pick out my house key and carry it loose in my bag. One thing that I didn’t expect, the bag is sorta flashy. Looking at it, the Marmont design is significantly toned down compared to the Guccissimas and the Supremes. But somehow, once the bag is worn, it still attracted a lot of attention.

Gucci still offers the bags in neutrals leather and exotic leather. I purchased online, and the shipping was VERY QUICK which made me happy. Just like all items in the Gucci Marmont collection, the Shoulder Bag features a brass hardware double G buckle which was actually used in Gucci designs back in the seventies. The bag has a spring closure and a leather and gold brass chain which allows it to be worn in multiple ways .

gucci marmont review

I’ve seen it a lot on celebgrams who exclusively wear it crossbody and it causes the top of the bag to become flatter and flatter. I like my bag the way it is to I try my best not to wear it crossbody. If you know me by now, I love handbags and actually consider them an amazing investment because the right handbag will last for a long, long time. Not too long ago, we discussed a different handbag that I was obsessing over and we’re back with a new Hot Bag Alert and this time, it’s nothing other than Gucci. This could be a perfect gift for yourself, your significant other or for you to strongly suggest to your significant other. I’m hoping the leather won’t flake while in storage though.

Which makes it easier to travel and if you’re always on the go. Along with that, the strap is leather and has a small amount of chain link on the bottom so it’s super comfortable to wear all day long. Today we’re talking about the Marmont Collection from Gucci in this edition of Hot Bag Alert. The collection carries a variety of styles ranging from shoulder bags to crossbody bags to totes.

You can also notice that the fake pattern is not as curbed, which changes the whole look of this detail. The higher quality fake Gucci bags have better accuracy, yet those still fail to properly copy the buckle. The leather used for the replica Gucci bags has some issues as well, and it’s not the same to the touch. As mentioned in this post , today, I am sharing some information about my Cartier LOVE bracelet.

It holds its shape but the leather is quite mushy. The color isn’t an ugleh old lady violet either, it’s a vivid true violet. Since I wear black all the time, I won’t have any trouble incorporating this shade into my wardrobe. One of the biggest trends in handbags for spring 2018 is the white handbag. Also, one of the biggest silhouette trends in handbags this year is the lady bag. In addition, quilted bags are getting more popular as more, and more, designers release their own interpretations of Chanel’s iconic quilted handbag collection.

BUT for luxury purchases I particularly love the in store shopping experience – because who wouldn’t want a little champagne while they try on Gucci? I stopped by the Union Square store in San Francisco. She encouraged me to try on other styles to make sure I was making the best choice.