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There was a time when the vast majority of my belongings fit into one backpack — a time when I dressed exclusively in hippie pants and beer t-shirts. That’s not the case anymore (AND THANKFULLY SO!). I’ve acquired a lot of things that make me happy over the years. What this company promised they delivered.

Ralph was extremely patient, considered, polite but above all very professional and knowledgeable and willing to help me as a customer for my international shipping from USA to CANADA. He worked diligently finding the best option as well as the best rate for me, having the items sent and delivered in time and manner as promised. So if you are in need of a great service for your local or international shipment do not look further and go with XS Baggage! My Baggage are Experts at Shipping Luggage around the World.

We ship to over 1,000 Routes from UK, USA, and Ireland. I was surprised with the low rates and was a bit apprehensive as well. However, once I used their services, I would definitely recommend their service to everyone. Its easier to club multiple shipments, declare customs and best part is that the customer care is so easily accessible. Not Verified | This was my worst ever travel experience. I was traveling with a large family group for a birthday vacation.

XS Baggage is the exclusive United States Representative for the World Baggage Network and voted best member worldwide of all 40+ members! With their team of international shipping partners they can handle excess luggage, oversized baggage, international moves, job transfers, or most other kinds of shipments. The service is free to customers; airlines and airports split the cost.

I’m positive that I will be using My Baggage again in the next few months. The driver showed up on time and went over the paperwork with her — all safely from a distance and masked in the time of COVID — then packed them up on the truck. A lot of people say, “You can buy whatever you need there! Try finding underwear bigger than a size 2 if you’re in Thailand.

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The customer service is the worst I have seen in the airline industry. If you’re at least five days from departure, and have a modest amount of gear, you may be able to beat the airlines on price. For example, shipping two bags from Houston to Milwaukee costs $37.99, or $18.99 per bag.

The requested page “/my-baggage-reviews/” could not be found. The flight was on time, the boarding process was very smooth and efficient. The company had 30,000 customers by August 2013 and transported more than 1,000 tonnes of student belongings, travelling 6,000,000 mi across the United Kingdom and globally. The company had annual sales in excess of £1 million by 2014. At age 26, I quit my job to travel the world alone. I spent six fantastic months in Southeast Asia and turned my travel blog into a full-time business.

We’ll find the cheapest FedEx or UPS rate and send a shipping label right to your phone. Everything was great, and they were very helpful. I would recommend, and I will probably use their service again.. Chronicles one year of Monahan’s life, primarily in the Guatemalan jungle, but also in Japan, Cambodia and Thailand.